A Critical Legal Essay to Advocate Iranian Children's Right to "Proper" Education


  • Fateme Bostani




Children’s right to education, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian educational system, Iranian-Islamic legislative governance, social representation of children’s rights, elementary school in Iran


This article aims to create a critical legal essay to answer the main question of how to help Iranian governance in improving the respect of children's right to "proper education"? The concept of the "right to proper education" serves the Iranian children's right to education more consistently with the very sociocultural-Islamic context of this developing country rather than an allegedly occidental form of right to education. To create such an approach, we have combined a critical view to the Iranian legal system, as well as a sociological view to the Iranian educational system, while benefiting the philosophical results of an inquiry on virtue ethics and Islamic education. Finally, this critical legal essay suggests the Iranian governance to be open to a shift toward a modern contractual authority in the educational system to be more compatible with the psycho-emotional needs of children and at the same time to apply the virtue ethics' political advice to move toward a liberal form of educational policies that promotes the virtues of autonomy and toleration.


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