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How To Use Kratom For Pain Relief

por AlbertJo Jo (2018-11-13)

At this point in its existence there is a good chance that you have heard about Kratom and everything that it has to offer. In fact, Kratom made its way to the United State about a decade ago and it is estimated that right around three to five million people are taking advantage of the substance. The actual product comes for the leaves of a tropical tree known as the Mitragyna Speciosa and it has powerful healing properties.

 How Does Kratom Relieve Pain?

 One of the reasons that the popularity of Kratom is at an all time high is because the substance offers powerful natural healing properties. You can do your research and ask different individuals how Kratom works and you will probably never get the same two answers. However, the real truth of the matter is that when taken the major compounds in Kratom interact with the opioid receptors that are located in the brain.

 These receptors block pain and produce feelings of euphoria. Yes, these are the same receptors that heroin and other opioids attach to when they are consumed, but Kratom is not an opioid. In fact, it is the furthest thing from it and it can be used to treat opioid addiction as well.

 With some strains the effects of Kratom can be felt within five or ten minutes and the effects can last as long as two to five hours. Some strains might offer longer and faster effects.

 That being said, most people don’t realize that there are different strains of Kratom that provide different benefits. Some strains can provide energetic and stimulating benefits, while others will provide sedation and pain relief. So, which strains are the best when it comes to treating pain?


 What Strains Should You Consider For Pain?

 Each different strain is going to contain different amounts and mixtures of the compounds known as 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These are the alkaloids in the plant that actually attach to the opioid receptors.

 The best strains for pain management will have a high concentration of these alkaloids when compared to other strains. It’s important to buy kratom from trusted, sustainable sources. Quality also matters, I highly suggest you to check out some kratom vendor reviews and buy high quality kratom.

 When seeking pain relief from Kratom these are the strains that you want to consider:

  • Maeng Da – The Maeng Da strain is without a doubt one of the strongest strains available on the market today. It is reveled for its potent ability to relieve pain and any discomfort. This strain in perfect for individuals that are suffering from chronic pain, arthritis or even cancer. It can also provide a sedative effect when consumed in higher dosages, which makes it even more effective when dealing with pain.
  • Bali – The Bali strain is known around the world for its impressively high content of 7-hydroxymitragynine. And, this is the compound that really gives this strain is analgesic effects.
  • Malay – The Malay strain comes from Malaysia and it really isn’t as analgesic as the other strains mentioned, but this is the kind of pain relief that some individuals are seeking. It can provide pain relief without causing sedation. The Green Malay Kratom strain is perfect for those individuals that are seeking pain relief with a combination of increased energy.