Ten Guidelines for the Correct Interpretation of Rights

  • Rafael De Asís Roig Instituto de Derechos Humanos “Bartolomé de Las Casas”, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Keywords: Human Rights, Fundamental Rights, Criteria of Interpretation, Theory of Law


In this brief work I will propose ten guidelines or criteria to assist in interpreting human and fundamental rights norms in a way that is correct (as much as is reasonable) and that is in line with the perspective of the constitutional court. To do so, I will work from a series of premises to help locate these guidelines within the context of a theory of interpretation.

As might be expected, this theory is itself based on a theory of law. In what follows, I will provide an account of some of the characteristic dimensions of the interpretation of rights norms. Finally I will present the ten guidelines that in fact constitute what I have elsewhere termed as main criteria of interpretation.

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