A pictorial key to current genus groups of “Rhabditidae”

  • V. S. Scholze
  • W. Sudhaus
Keywords: Identification, pictorial key, Rhabditidae


A pictorial key to the identification of 38 genus taxa as well as the species groups of five genera of rhabditids is presented in five plates. Four character complexes are used in the key, namely lip region and stoma, posterior body region of both sexes, and spicules and gubernaculum.


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Author Biographies

V. S. Scholze
Laboratory of Nematology, Wageningen UR, P.O. Box 8123, 6700 ES Wageningen, The Netherlands
W. Sudhaus
Institut für Biologie/Zoologie, Königin-Luise-Str. 1-3, D-14195 Berlin, Germany
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Scholze, V. S., & Sudhaus, W. (2012). A pictorial key to current genus groups of “Rhabditidae”. Journal of Nematode Morphology and Systematics, 14(2), J. Nematode Morphol. Syst., 14 (2): 105-112 (2011). Retrieved from https://revistaselectronicas.ujaen.es/index.php/jnms/article/view/809