Reuse of wastewater, treated by phytoremediation, for the irrigation of the Botanical Garden ‘‘le jardin Landon’’ (Biskra, Algeria). Sustainable solution for the preservation of a material heritage site




Sustainable solution, Phytoremediation, Constructed wetlands, Irrigation, Material heritage


The green spaces of the city of Biskra (Algeria) resist the arid climate of the summer season and therefore suffer from water scarcity caused mainly by evaporation and transpiration of the plants. To remedy this problem, the study suggests to reuse the sewage for irrigation after being purified, using constructed wetlands with improved capacity by phytoremediation. As an example of a sustainable solution, it is proposed to apply this technique to the botanical garden of the city of Biskra (Algeria), «le jardin Landon». The design of a Constructed Wetland system is proposed. The Landon Garden was created in 1870 by Count Landon of Longueville, decorated with a variety of flora from the tropics and the Equatorial countries. It is currently considered as national material heritage.


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