The geography of landscape




Landscape science, Socio-cultural landscape input, Naturalistic landscape input, Spatiotemporal analysis


The International Workshop Landscape Representations IWLR, in its second edition, brought as its theme “Scientific and educational strategies for building an agenda of actions within the scope of Landscape Representations”. The IWLR is a proposal for an interdisciplinary project and study network, bearing in mind the various scopes in which the landscape has been the object of research. This collection constitutes the 9th thematic dossier coordinated by the founding team of the IWLR (Jorge Luis P. Oliveira-Costa, Tatiana Moreira, Fatima Velez de Castro and Andréa Zacharias). Entitled “The Geography of Landscape”, and published in a special edition of the journal Agua y Territorio, the dossier brings part of the discussions established during the 2nd IWLR. Under a multidisciplinary approach, this dossier is composed of 17 articles that address issues ranging from the socio-cultural entry of the concept of landscape to issues related to the naturalistic entry of this same concept.


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Velez de Castro, F., Paes de Oliveira-Costa, J. L., Aparecida Zacharias, A. ., & Aparecida Moreira, T. . (2023). The geography of landscape. Agua Y Territorio / Water and Landscape, (23), e8209.