A new experimental approach to the study of beauty

  • A. Félix Vico-Prieto Universidad de Jaén
  • Juan M. Rosas Universidad de Jaén
  • José E. Callejas-Aguilera Universidad de Jaén
  • Angel Cagigas Universidad de Jaén


Theories of beauty perception have tilting between the importance of the golden section, and the importance of cultural and learning factors on perception of beauty. The contradiction between those approaches may be solved by taking in account the real golden proportion rather than the ideal golden proportion. A new framework to conduct new and more comprehensive experimental approaches to the study of beauty is proposed.


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Vico-Prieto, A. F., Rosas, J. M., Callejas-Aguilera, J. E., & Cagigas, A. (2017). A new experimental approach to the study of beauty. Antropología Experimental, (17). https://doi.org/10.17561/rae.v0i17.3513