Water supply in Los Angeles metropolitan area, California (USA)


  • Miguel Borja Bernabé-Crespo Universidad de Murcia
  • Hugo Loáiciga University of California, Santa Barbara




Water supply, Water transfer, Desalination, Sewage reuse, California, United States of America


Population growth and semiarid climate limit water availability in southern California. Several water transfers have been and are being made with the aim of supplying Los Angeles metropolitan region. Seawater desalination and sewage reuse contribute to the sources of water supply in Los Angeles regions and neighboring regions of Southern California. This article surveys water supply in Southern California and summarizes current trends of water use and supply.


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Author Biographies

Miguel Borja Bernabé-Crespo, Universidad de Murcia

Becario FPU (MECD). Departamento de Geografía. Facultad de Letras. Universidad de Murcia. C/Santo Cristo, 1 30001 Murcia

Hugo Loáiciga, University of California, Santa Barbara

Professor at Department of Geography, University of California Santa Barbara, USA.


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