Water management in Spain, Mexico and Argentina: case studies


  • Guillermo Banzato Universidad Nacional de La Plata - CONICET




Water management, Water for consumption, Floods, Water purification, Water reuse


This dossier is made up of five works that reflect instances of water management in three territories as different as those of Spain, Mexico and Argentina, but with some similar itineraries and behaviors in their leaders. Of course, the studies presented here are not intended to be representative, but rather they account for the complexity of problems surrounding the availability and shared use of water, and the responses (and inactions) from the public administration. At the same time, it is a question of reflecting multiple disciplinary views, with diverse methodologies and theoretical developments, but whose conclusions point to a link that we know is complex, but possible and necessary, with public managers, so that they can use these results in order to improve the material living conditions of populations.


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Banzato, G. (2021). Water management in Spain, Mexico and Argentina: case studies. Agua Y Territorio / Water and Landscape, (17), 5–6. https://doi.org/10.17561/at.17.5774