Focus and Scope

The major scope of The Grove is literature written in English, critical theory, English linguistics, both synchronic and diachronic, translation, and English as a Foreign Language.

The Editor  kindly invites contributions of articles and book reviews within the domain of English Philology, as well as unpublished poems.

Peer Review Process

Selection of contributions

The grove receives more submissions (articles, reviews and fiction/poetry) than it can publish, our peer-reviewers are asked to consider the quality and originality of each paper  accepted for publication. In general terms, to be acceptable a paper must: deal with one of the fields of study covered by our journal, be original, provide subtantial evidence for its conclusions, and prove relevant for the specific field. Additionally, we will be looking for methodological rigour, theoretical consistency and innovation, stylistic merit and academic seriusness. Typically, an unsolicited paper will be sent to two peer-reviewers and may be approved, rejected, or aprovedd with modifications, in which case detailed reports will be sent to the author(s) for its potential consideration; the paper will be evaluated again unless the editors consider the modification of minor importance. Modifications suggested to the author(s) may include (among others) request to revise the style of the paper, reorganize the material, provide additional evidence or reinforce/clarify either the initial hypothesis or the conclusions. Author(s) will be request to include all title, abstract and keywords in Spanish and English. The final publication of papers, and the section where they will appear, will be determined by the editorial board.


Publication Frequency

Annual Magazine.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides open access to its content, based on the principle of offering the public free access to the research. Help a greater global exchange of knowledge.