Call for Papers - Special Issue: Silence in Feminist Studies (vol. 30)


The Grove kindly invites your contributions for the coming publication of vol. 30, a special issue on the notion of silence in feminist studies. We are interested in articles that explore issues related to the silences imposed (or self-imposed) on female writers, divergent voices or the masking of authorship, female-authored literature, feminist trends or movements and their relationship with literature, the representation of women in literary works, and any other topic of this nature. Therefore, we accept works that pay attention to, among others, some of the following issues or thematic lines:


  • Silences in female literary authorship
  • Masked female voices
  • Use of pseudonyms
  • Literary censorship
  • Repression of women writers by gender, ideology or activity
  • Representation of women in literature
  • Feminist literary currents and their relationship with literature
  • Literature authored by women and feminist literature
  • New proposals in feminist studies
  • Feminist Literary Theory and Feminist Literary Criticism

Please, submit your manuscripts following the author formatting and style guidelines before May 12th 2023. Any queries can be sent to our guest editor of vol. 30, Dr Leticia de la Paz de Dios (