Bibliometric analysis on investor protection


  • Carmen Orden-Cruz Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Susana Díaz-Iglesias Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Palabras clave:

Bibliometría, Web-of-Science, Protección-del-inversor, Estructura-de- propiedad, Regulación


This paper maps the evolution and current state of research on Investor Protection through a bibliometric analysis and systematic literature review. The methodology is based on the articles included in the Web of Science database, using SciMAT bibliometric software. Within the main findings, this study reveals the greater importance of Investor Protection research in the past. Investor Protection has been focused on shareholders as the main type of investor, not considering other types of investors or even financial consumers more generally. Investor Protection research has evolved from legal and corporate aspects to include other factors that are configured as new references for the investors. Until now, there is only mention of      corporate governance, lacking academic research about environmental and social factors linking to the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. The results of this study show the need for research about financial consumer protection, including not only corporate governance, but also environmental and social factors. The practical implications of this paper might serve to show new future research lines in order to evaluate the situation of the financial consumer in a broad sense and to improve regulations in order to preserve it.


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