The Desired Movement: Migration and Tourism in Almería: Reflections about Contemporaneity in “The Lazy River” (2017) by Zadie Smith


  • Antonio Acosta Sánchez Universidad de Almería



migración, desplazamiento, cuento corto, contemporaneidad, The Lazy River, Zadie Smith


This article explores the main topics in Zadie Smith's short story “The Lazy River” (2017). From the perspective of a tourist, Smith constructs the narrative spaces to define her own identity as British and to explore the political and socioeconomic reality of her country and of Almería, the place she chooses as a tourist destination. In particular, this article aims to elucidate how the movement of people, represented through tourism and migration, appears in Zadie Smith's short story and how her reflections lead the reader to focus on the differences in these displacements and the conceptions that space entails, in both cases, for the construction of the other. In the same way, we intend to illustrate the way in which statism and the absence of movement is reflected as a starting point for reflection on the issues of life in the 21st century.


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