Thomas More’s Portrayal in a Twentieth-Century Translation of Utopia



Thomas More, Ramón Esquerra, Utopia, Spanish translation, the twentieth century


Ramón Esquerra i Clivillés (1909-1938), a Spanish intellectual born and raised in Barcelona, published in 1937 Utopia (El Estado Perfecto), a translation of Utopia (1516) by Thomas More. The translator prepared a large prologue in which he minutely details the life and personality of the humanist and introduces Utopia and its reception in Spain. As a result, this illuminating introductory section becomes a brief piece of literary criticism. The way More is presented and how Esquerra emphasizes some of his most personal features creates a particular image of the humanist: that of a saint. The information shown was carefully chosen by the translator, serving from of More’s latest published biographies to construct a useful context for the reader. 


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Author Biography

María Inmaculada Ureña-Asensio, Universidad de Jaén

Mª Inmaculada Ureña-Asensio is a second-year PhD candidate at the University of Jaén working on the field of Thomas More Studies and Digital Humanities. For her thesis dissertation, she is preparing a digital scholarly edition of the first Spanish translation of Thomas More’s Utopia (1637) by means of the TEI Standard. 


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